We did it: We're a B Corp!


We're proud to become the world's first B Corp fashion resale platform! It's a huge step in our ongoing mission to transform the fashion industry, and we want the whole fashion ecosystem to join us.

What's a B Corp?

B Corp is a highly demanding certification that evaluates our social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, involving over 300 questions about every aspect of what we do - from our team's working conditions to our carbon footprint.

What does it mean?

In 2021, business must be a force for good. B Corp demonstrates that we at Vestiaire care as much for the planet as we do for our people and our profit.

What's next?

We want to thank our community, colleagues, investors and partners who made this achievement possible - we've been working towards this since the beginning. 


Together, we’re changing the world - but we can't do it without you! Keep supporting circular fashion, and sharing our mission!