BY FAR: Future Collectibles


We teamed up with BY FAR for our most exciting circular fashion collab yet. The goal? Fight back against fashion overconsumption, by giving well-loved items a new life and transforming fashion ‘waste’ into beautiful pieces. Choosing pre-owned accessories over buying new can reduce our negative impact on the environment by up to 91%*, helping refresh our style and protect our planet all in one go.

Upcycled Bags: Deconstructed And Reimagined

It’s upcycling, but like you’ve never seen it before. Discover six completely upcycled BY FAR bags, expertly made from deadstock fabrics, damaged stock and well-loved pieces for truly one-of-a-kind accessories.

The Archive Sale

All hail the archive sale: 20 pieces from the BY FAR founders’ own closets which originate from their first ever collections.

The most sustainable fashion is fashion that already exists. By shopping the archive sale, you’re actively participating in the responsible fashion movement. Guilt-free spending? We think so.

We don't need to remind you that circular fashion is a force for good, but for this particular collaboration, there's an added bonus. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to Women for Women International**: a charity helping women rebuild their lives after war.

*Mu - Eco-agency assessment commissioned by Vestiaire Collective June-September 2020

**UK Charity Registration Number: 1115109;