Our sustainability manifesto


In 2009, we had a radical idea: To fight fashion waste by giving a second life to the clothes we no longer wear. Now, we’re taking our ambitions to the next level.

Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries. Clothing consumption is set to rise 63% by 2030,* but today we wear our items 40% less than 10 years ago.**

Our mission is to transform the fashion industry for a more sustainable future by empowering our community of Fashion Activists to drive the change. To make this happen, we need you! Read on to see what we’re currently working on and how you can get involved.

Set the industry standard

Our teammates are proud Fashion Activists, and we believe business can be a force for good.

Inspired, committed employees are the first step

Among other benefits, we give every employee 2 days a year to volunteer for an organization of their choice.

Our strength comes from our diversity

We’ve created an internal taskforce with 5 teams to promote and support: Equal Opportunity, Women’s Empowerment, Ethnic Diversity, Disability, and LGBTQIA+.

We did it: We're a B Corp!

We're proud to become the world's first B Corp fashion resale platform! This is the most rigorous certification, proving that our business is a force for good. It's a huge step in our ongoing mission to transform the fashion industry, and we want the whole fashion ecosystem to join us.

Reduce our footprint

Resale already avoids 100% of the environmental damage caused by fashion production. Next up:

Better understanding our impact

We’re working hard to decrease our environmental impact, and we’re now tackling carbon — it’s the key to fighting the climate crisis. We’ll share more soon. Stay tuned!

Reducing shipping distance

Over 50% of our orders are already bought locally or sent with Direct Shipping, saving over 1,167 tons of CO2 since launching.*** Next: More local items and shipping options, so you can always shop sustainably.

Improving our packaging and logistics

Our new “less is more” packaging has just launched! We stripped out everything unnecessary, and it’s now 100% reduced, recycled, and recyclable.

Empower our community

We can’t change the fashion industry ourselves — we need our entire Fashion Activist community! We will:

Inform and educate even more

We’ve collaborated with Fashion Activists to call for more responsible consumption in our brand film (as seen by millions!). Soon: Even more sustainable brands, items, and ways of buying.

Reward responsible shoppers

Our Fashion Activist badge is awarded to members who practice circularity by both buying and selling with us. We’ll be adding more to it as we evolve, so you can track your achievements!

Collective for Change

Collective for Change is a social-first program that connects leading voices in sustainable fashion directly with our global community. Every month on our Instagram, different experts share their insights and advice so we can all transform the way we shop for fashion. Follow @vestiaireco to learn more.

Enact systemic change

Resale is the best solution to reduce fashion’s environmental impact, and we’re the experts. We’re committing to:

Amplifying the voice of resale

We’re active members of groups who are pushing for a more sustainable fashion system: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UN Fashion Alliance, ParisGoodFashion, prAna movement.

Partnering with brands

Our brand collaborations with Alexander McQueen and Mulberry are just the start. We’re fighting side-by-side with luxury fashion brands, encouraging their customers to embrace circular fashion by reselling their unworn pieces with us.

Sharing our data and knowledge

We want to keep sharing what we know about resale and how we can change fashion beyond our community in a dynamic, open-source way. Knowledge is power!

Join our cause

Simply follow our golden rules of Fashion Activism: buy less, buy better, wear more, care more, and sell more.


**Ellen MacArthur Foundation

***Mu - Eco-agency assessment commissioned by Vestiaire Collective June-September 2020