Watch It With Pride


Pride parades are reduced this year, but there are still plenty of ways to get involved, educate yourself, and celebrate your Pride. We’re not saying TV is the answer to everything, but it’s can be a good place to start. These are a few of our favourites - not only for their pioneering approach to representation, but also from a style perspective. We know there’s lots more shows out there, so If there’s one we missed, please let us know in the comments!

The L Word

Just 15 years ago, America’s first ensemble cast including including LGBT characters appeared. In that time much has changed, but this West Hollywood set-drama blazed a trail for lesbian visibility, and the wide spectrum of California style worn by its characters continues to set trends.


Premiering in 2019, this American series follows a diverse group of high school students through their experiences of friendships, love, sex, identity and trauma. Sometimes hard to watch, but also powerful and deeply insightful, it sets the bar high for the future without relying on traditional gender stereotypes.

Queer As Folk

While initially criticised by the gay community for not addressing AIDS, Queer As Folk pioneered gay representation on TV in both the UK and America, breaking all the rules, and is now seen as a classic, 20 years on. Today, its late ‘90s style is starting to come back into fashion too.

Sex Education

The hit Netflix show showed a fresh, modern approach to sex and sexuality, with unquestioned tolerance, frank openness and witty humour. Eric’s eclectic outfits, Maeve’s riot grrl looks and Jean’s love of slinky jumpsuits are the icing on the cake.


Set in NYC’s ballroom scene in the 1980s and ‘90s, Pose broke the mould when it came to gender non-conforming roles and actors, as well as poignant representations of the AIDS crisis. Costumes nod to the era, with characters ‘borrowing’ royal costumes from a museum to win first prize a ball in the first episode.