Quality Control

At Vestiaire Collective, we are passionate about fashion, quality, authenticity and the loyal community of fashion enthusiasts who visit our site each day.  And our commitment to all of the above is why the Vestiaire Collective ‘Quality Control’ team is so central to everything we do.

Here are the steps our team takes to get a product from submission to sale on vestiairecollective.com

Step 1:  On-trend items added to the site.  Our expert team evaluates the images, price, brand and description of a product uploaded from a user to ensure the product is high-quality, on-trend and seasonally appropriate. 

Step 2:  Seller interacts with the community.  The seller can adjust the price, add more detail, and interact with the community to answer questions.  The more involved the seller is with the community the better the experience for the buyer and seller.

Step 3:  Sold item ships to Paris headquarters.  After an item is sold, the seller receives a postage-paid airway bill to send the item to our Paris headquarters.  Once there, our Quality Control team* carefully compares the product to the original item description; checks the quality (the seams, zippers, linings, buttons, and soles and heels of shoes); and looks for any signs that the product may not be authentic.

Step 4:  Product wrapped and shipped to buyer.  If all is okay, the item is wrapped in silk paper, packaged and shipped immediately to the buyer, if not, the item is returned to the seller; the order is cancelled; and the purchase is refunded in full.

*The Vestiaire Collective Quality Control team receives hours of training from experts at some of the top luxury brands to identify counterfeits.  It’s core to our business and a commitment we make to our loyal community of fashion shoppers.