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    Chanel Handbags

    Chanel bags, timeless creations.

    Chanel is undoubtedly one of the best-known haute couture houses in the whole world. Ever since 1910, this French fashion house has been synonymous not only with luxury and innovation in fashion but also simple elegance. Coco Chanel left her mark on haute couture, as well as on high jewellery, perfumes and leather goods. Over the course of time, Chanel bags have become real objects of desire for women everywhere.

    A Chanel handbag is an iconic fashion accessory.

    A Chanel bag is recognisable at a glance, with its two interlocking Cs and unique aesthetic. This singular accessory usually has a quilted leather look on the front and a strap in the form of a metal chain. The bags come in the form of Chanel clutches, smaller bags worn over the shoulder and bags featuring a longer strap. What cannot be denied is that this prestigious bag goes with every outfit, from classic ensembles to more on-trend and edgy styles. Today there are many different models, from Chanel Boy and Timeless to the 2.55, coming in a vast array of tints (black, red and even blue, for example). This bag from the prestigious brand can fit in with the wardrobes of any refined woman who is a fan of fashion and unique pieces .

    A collection of pre-owned Chanel bags on Vestiaire Collective.

    Chanel bags have been objects of feminine desire for many years now. The price of pieces in the new collection, however, is not within everyone's reach. Vestiaire Collective is an online store where you can buy pre-owned items such as these luxury goods. The sale of vintage and pre-owned Chanel bags is also possible via our platform. Our site, specialising in pre-owned articles, provides a unique opportunity of unearthing real finds and rare pieces.

    Today, the Chanel leather goods line comprises numerous must-haves. Timeless bags are now real jewels in the collection, with the following attaining legendary status: