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Pre-owned Hermès handbags for women

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HERMèS Kelly 28 leather handbag


Kelly 28 leather handbag

Now ! $10,800 $14,500 Vintage

HERMèS Birkin Shoulder leather handbag


Birkin Shoulder leather handbag

Now ! $6,000 $10,600 Vintage

HERMèS Evelyne leather crossbody bag
  • Ready To Ship
HERMèS In-The-Loop leather handbag


In-The-Loop leather handbag

Now ! $5,074.86 $5,195.69

HERMèS Picotin leather tote


Picotin leather tote

Now ! $4,772.79 $5,437.35

Hermès bags, iconic designs.

Everyone has heard of the House of Hermès but do you really know anything about the brand and its creation? For that, we need to go back to when it all began in 1837. Its activity of choice right at the start was saddlery and accessories focused around horses and horse riding. As the years past, however, the internationally-renowned brand grew and developed a new clientele with a different set of needs. The House of Hermès then distinguished itself brilliantly with its haute couture, fashion accessories, fragrances and leather goods. Today, Hermès is one of the leading representatives of luxury bags. Certain models like the Birkin and the Kelly have become safe bets in the world of fashion and trends that come and go.

An accessory that matches the exceptional know-how of the French fashion house.

Bags designed by Hermès are a symbol of history, of certain moments in time, but also of high-end know-how. For each piece is crafted by hand by leather craftsmen in the brand's workshops. The bags are made according to traditional leather making techniques and using specific methods of assembling the pieces, like saddle stitching. Ordering one of these bags can sometimes mean waiting up to 3 or 4 years before you actually get your hands on the item. The process of selecting the leather is typical of Hermès, i.e. exacting and meticulous. The material chosen can be thick or fine, depending on the desired end product.

The shapes and sizes of the different Hermès bags also vary depending on the use its new owner wants to put it to. Some small, some much bigger, from classic black to bright, vivid colours, these bags will enhance your day-to-day and make any women look and feel superb. Some models are pared-down, while others are much more elaborate, ideal for special occasions. In any event, they all display with pride the letter H, on the front, which is, of course, a direct reference to Hermès.

Hermès bags on sale at pre-loved prices.

The Hermès brand is the very symbol of luxury and French elegance. But that comes at a price and the budget required to own one can be eye-watering. To give everyone the same opportunities, and let everyone have the chance to own a bag by this illustrious label, Vestiaire Collective proposes pre-loved models for sale on its website. With prices being considerably lower, the joy of acquiring such an item is that much more intense.

Of the legendary bags by the House of Hermès, here are a few that have left a lasting impression on the history of fashion and magazines:

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